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    NTSC or PAL



      I'm ready to buy the new HDR-AX2000 AVCHD Camcorder available in USA for some 3500USD.


      I'm in Namibia, the TV standard is PAL the US Cam is NTSC, means HDTV FX 24Mbps 1920x1080/60i 30p and the 24p mode.


      My question:

      -     What are the problems to capture and edit with PPR CS4 in this mode and then export as HDTV 24p or 50i.....

      -     Any other concerns appart ev. the 110Volt charger (Yes, we have power in Namibia 220V)


      please advice, thanks in advance, JPB

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          Harm Millaard Level 7

          I would never buy a NTSC camera if the majority of the work needs PAL. Conversion is never a good idea. It takes too much time and it creates a quality hit. B&H have some models in PAL versions. Other outlets may have the same. An alternative is to look at http://www.globalmediapro.com/ but be aware that they do not have the good reputation of B&H. Some are positive, but others are pretty negative in their experiences and opinions.

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            Bottazzoli-dNpTm1 Level 1

            Good Day Harm,


            thanks for advice. It confirms the test I just made: import 1080/50i into 1080/60i sequence and export it as 1080/25p. Lose of quality is the one and time consumpting on my 7i 945 proc considerable, for a 60min video over 120 minutes re-coding.


            B&H is the best, I have use them for several photo equippment, always delivered in time and excellent communication.


            Try to find a PAL model, thanks and regards, JPB