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    E-Magazine Component Zoom Function


      I am trying to create an Actionscript zoom function for my e-magazine component. I have treid out a couple of solutions with varying degress of success. The simplest one so far has been a resizeing of the component using the accompanied API. One button makes the component bigger the other button makes the component smaller. It works well but its not very elaborate.

      I found a tutorial about Dynamic Resizeing which is pretty cool. I have managed to apply the code to my component and have created two buttons again, one to make the component reSize and one to make it shrink again.

      However on reSize of the component i am now no longer able to turn the pages of the magazine or utilise the component in any way or form, it just 'appears' as a single image on the stage. This is also the case when i shrink the Magawines

      I have attached, below, the code that i am using.

      Thanks in advance for any help you can offer.