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    usage of MXF OP1a DVCPro/AVC Intra



      This is a special one.


      We use Omneon MediaGrid as a central server and would like to have access to the media natively.

      Codecs we use are: DVCPro25, DVCPro50, AVCIntra50, AVCIntra100 all in MXF OP1a wrapper.

      The machines are HP Z800 workstations. My questions are:

      Will there be support for the above mentioned codecs in reasonable amount of time?

      Is there a "simple" way to get above mentioned codecs in and out of CS4 Windows?


      I'm aware that on Mac this is possible using MXF4Mac components. Well, it's on Mac.


      Thanks for any input,


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          Colin Brougham Level 6

          Well, as of CS4.2, all of those codecs are supported, provided that they are in Panasonic P2 MXF format. However, the particular formats you want to work with are packaged differently (even though, technically, the video decoding component is there in CS4), and PPro has no way to crack those files open to get at the goodies inside. You'll need a third-party splitter for the MXF containers and then a decoder for the contents--you're obviously aware of this as you cited the MXF4Mac components.


          I'm not sure if it will work for your files or not, but give the Calibrated Software MXF Import plug-in (for Windows) a shot; DVCPRO flavors are listed, but I see no mention of AVCIntra. There is a demo available, which will let you test the functionality of the plug-in, and to see if it will at least serve part of your needs.


          Unfortunately, I don't think you'll ever see out-of-the-box support for these particular containers; Premiere Pro (and most NLEs, for that matter) are designed for and work best with media files generated by a camcorder or some sort of lensed acquisition unit. Playout systems like these are anybody's guess as to if or when they'll be supported. My bet says "never", but I reserve the right to be completely wrong.


          Post back if you meet with any success...

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            Fimley Level 1

            Thanks Colin,


            had a quick view on your suggestion, but Calibrated is not what we need.

            I found something which may help us. Mainconcept's MPEG Pro HD 4 Broadcast Suite seems to be the right thing.



            Just got a demo license. At first sight it can open any flavor of MXF OP1a I need to work with...just need to check if it can lay down the same codecs and wrapper on export.