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    I don't understand the different drives and how to use them.


      Origional I had one partioned C:/ for OS and Video. After talking to you guys I  found out that was a big NO NO.


      So, I have installed two extra Internal HDD's. C:/OS now only   New D:/work place    New F:/video storage.


      I also have an External HDD back up used excessively for Video.


      I have another External HDD backing up documents and stuff on C: drive.


      My question is my D: drive is getting 3/4 full. I do not know what it means to use it as a work space only.


      Is it as simple as deleting everything on D:/ after I send a copy to my storage drives?


      Then just move a project back into D:/? Then send a copy to storage and delete it on D:/?


      I am very fearful of deleting any video files. I do not want to loose them.


      If I am missing something please let me know.


      Thanks Jim