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    SPRY accordion widget IE8 ONLY issue


      hello everybody,

      i noticed a strange "jumpy" behavior while using the spry accordion widget -- this affects IE8 only (currently using 8.0.6001.18882 on vista), other browsers (including IE7 and IE8 forced into IE7 mode) work as expected. this issue seems to be related to the margin property of the accordion container...


      not shure whether this behavior is related to IE rendering or the spry javascript code itself... anyway i made NO changes to the spry script (my version is 0.15, 1.6.1, which i believe to be most recent one).


      the xhtml (strict) and css are perfectly valid (there might be some MINOR css hacks which are not related to the accordion itself). i do NOT use ANY padding on the inner container of the accordion (which would definetely make the spry js count the tween in odd way). the accordions (especially the main menu on the left) are little more complex, but they were built according to the spry widget document, found on the adobe spry website.


      so, here it is -- check the accordion on the left side (the bug seems to happen almost always while opening/closing the last BLUE "section" of the accordion, please play with the accordion for a while to reproduce it -- while the accordion closes, it "loses" it's bottom margin (i guess), what's even more wierd, everything gets back to place after you move a mouse):



      PLEASE NOTICE: since the website is still under development and i'm using a IE meta tag to force it into IE7 rendering, to reproduce this behavior please be shure to switch IE engine to IE8 standards mode


      well, we all now how IE handles css... so it's propably an IE bug -- anyway if you have encountered a similar issue of even better found a fix, please let know. (i don't consider a fix switching to another js library, i would like to use the spry, because of it's DW integration)


      many thanks,