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    My dream CS5; just a though.

    zjimbo Level 1

      I just read the archive forum on "My Dream CS5" and it was quite full of replies, so I decided to ask a couple of questions, OK ?


      It is taking me a long time to get them all sorted out but now that I am getting better acquainted I can't imagine using any thing but Premiere and Encore.


      First: I was wondering if CS5 could use all the available Ram instead of having to reboot when the project I am working on slows down?


      I have 8GB's of Ram and numerous drives. Dual core 64x6000 processer. GTX 260 video card, Win7 64 bit, Asustek Crosshair mother board.


      In my earlier post I am going to learn how to use the HDD more effectively. But the one file I am referring to is a big one with lots of stuff.


      Next: I have noticed that CS4 renders slow. I can speed up the process by sliding the sliders (?) at the top of my time line and deleting smaller sections at a time.


      The counter really speeds up when I select only a small porting, say 150 to 200 frames.


      Is there a way you could make CS5 select less frames to Render and then move into another set of frames; doing this automatically?


      It is a hassle to do all this in real time but in the end the Render process is a lot quicker.