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    Sound for Dummies--looking for primer on using Audio Effects


      Can anyone direct me to a resource that is the equivalent of Sound for Dummies, and I mean a REAL DUMMY?  I read the descriptions of the audio effects in the Help page, then look at the settings of the effect, but I am clueless as to what to try to achieve my goal.  I don't understand the specs of sound and I don't want to spend days and days figuring it out by trial and error.  I am hoping to find a resource that starts from the very beginning--like, "you hear with your ears," and then goes up from there. 


      For example, here is what I want to do right now.  I have recorded a narration, but I want to layer it over a soft crowd background noise to make it sound like the speaker is speaking outside in a crowded plaza.  Right now, he sounds TOO crisp, so I want to muddy his sound just a bit.  I think I want to use the Dynamics Audio effect in PrE8, but don't know what the presets do, nor how to adjust them.  Again, I could spend a long time using trial and error, but if I just understood what some of the presets and/or settings did, I could get there faster.