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    Exception win32 not handled

      When i open one file ASP appears this error message
      "Eccezione win32 non gestita in Dreamweaver.exe [2108]"

      After when i run Debug appear this error message
      "Exception 0x00adb777 occurred"
      when i close the pop-up window dreamweaver CS3 program shut-down.

      Thanks to everybody
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          Vinternet Solutions
          'win32 exception in dreamweaver.exe'

          Thought this might be of interest to all of you who have seen this very irritating 'JIT debugger" "win32 exception in dreamweaver.exe" error message.

          This error was occuring for me when I was just trying to open normal HTML files in Dreamweaver CS3 - I had been working on these files for about an hour after coming into the office this morning - all fine and working correctly.

          After editing a few of the pages I saved & closed them - upon opening them back up 15mins later i started to get the exception errors.

          After clearing temp windows files, saving affected files to new names, checking script, re-installing Dreamweaver CS3 and pulling my hair out - basically all I could think of!! The issue was down to STYLE SHEETS!! (yes style sheets).

          My remedy was to rename my stylesheets and change the appropriate links in my HTML docs. This issue may actually apply to all externally linked files, etc although I have not tested it.

          I know it sounds silly but this was the only thing that allowed me to successfully re-open my files again!

          Hope this might help people (or at least point them to something they may not have thought of)