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    HD Editing


      I'm having trouble editing video for Youtube HD. I started out with a JVC Enverio AVCHD camcorder that produces beautiful, sharp 1080i files and used the H.264 YouTube Widescreen HD export setting to export to a mp4 file.


      The resulting video took 5 min to render a 30 second test clip and ended up with very bad quality. At 720p, this video should be quite sharp but it ended up very blurry, and there was lots of combing noticible when anything moved.


      I think I need to deinterlace the incoming AVCHD to turn it into 1080p before editing.

      Any ideas?

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          Harm Millaard Level 7

          If you shot interlaced, keep it interlaced. If you shot P, keep it P. YouTube will do the conversion if needed. Do not judge the final quality on a computer monitor, use a properly calibrated CRT monitor to judge quality. Apart from that, it does not really matter for YouTube, since their quality is not good anyway.

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            I don't know a lot so this is a question instead of a fix.


            Could you have used the wrong setting in New Project?


            I am just wondering for my future knowledge.



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              jhoge123 Level 1



              Youtube supports 720p now, and I've seen some videos that look great at that setting. There must be some way that I can use Premiere CS4 to de-interlace video. I could do it in Premiere 1.5 years ago without any trouble. It's hard to think that upgrading the software would make it more difficult to get jobs done.



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                Harm Millaard Level 7

                I don't know if this also applies to AVCHD material, but the deinterlacing algorithms used by Adobe for SD material would only amount to throwing away half your vertical resolution. I would be surprised if that is what you want. Maybe WMV is the better codec for YouTube.

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                  Ann Bens Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                  I use wmvHD for YouTube and it is excellent.

                  It takes quite a while to render with max render qualtiy.