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    Databinding problem with Spark DropDownList

    John Hall Level 4

      OK, after several hours, I give up. I'm missing something. I have a dataProvider for a form that works great. I have a manager and model that get updated based on events and all the other controls bind fine when I change the model. However, the Spark DropDownList doesn't work in the sense that when I change another list's selectedItem, it should update the dropDownList dataprovider and selectedItem. The dataProvider changes fine but nothing I do can seem to refresh the selectedItem on every other change! - though it's there for the choosing.


      To baffle me even more, the mx:combobox works fine using the same but not the s:combobox. I'm just trying to find a Spark component that works the same as the mx:comboBox but they're not binding the same way with the same code.


      Using nightly build with suggested changes to 10 and minorPlayerVersion