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    Container's background image


      working in CS4, I wish to have 3 of my pages have different background images (as in the background of the body container between the header and footer, not the BG of the entire page). Every time I try, the new background image ends up replacing the other background image on every page. How can I do this in design view?

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          Nancy OShea Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          The simplest way to do this is to create 3 IDs in your CSS with unique header background image for each.  Then apply the desired ID to your html <body> tags.  Something like this:



          #page1 #header {background: url(yourBG-image1.jpg) repeat; }

          #page2 #header {background: url(yourBG-image2.jpg) repeat; }

          #page3 #header {background: url(yourBG-image3.jpg) repeat; }



          <body id="page1">

          page content for page 1 goes here


          <body id="page2">

          page content for page 2 goes here


          <body id="page3">

          page content for page 3 goes here



          I think you'll find this fairly easy to do in Code View.


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