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    Debugging a new ApplicationDomain.

      I'm loading an external module with the mx:ModuleLoader tag:

      <mx:Module url="myExternalSWF-debug.swf" applicationDomain="{new ApplicationDomain();}"/>

      This works except that I cannot debug my external SWF. This code allows me to debug the external file:

      <mx:Module url="myExternalSWF-debug.swf"/>

      The loader and loadee share some class definitions and need to be separated.
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          jaswcomp Level 1

          I get this error message from the Flash player:

          TypeError: Error #1034: Type Coercion failed: cannot convert mx.messaging.messages::AcknowledgeMessage@5e37f91 to mx.messaging.messages.IMessage.

          I originally thought this was being generated by my code and not being handled by the debugger. This seems to be an error related to trying to debug within a new ApplicationDomain.
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            levancho Level 3
            you have to build module with debug enabling code in it, Flex builder 3 has that in option built in , right click on project --> properties, modules and in the list of modules check enable debug. and then you can debug modules same way as any other part of your application.