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    Strange bug in air app after exiting sleep mode

    amitkinor Level 1

      Hi All,

      I have a following bug . The air app i developed has an option to be docked to th system tray ( I am talking about PC notebook , Windows Xp PRO 32bit OS).

      If I dock the app ,then switch the pc to sleep mode ,then waken it back , then undock the app  I am getting only half of the app visible ,the another half that was outside the screen border is cut off( invisible) . Additional problem in the same case is that if I am closing it with f4 because the close button of my app is no longer exists ( as it is on the cut side ) ,and then start the app onc again it says that the app is already running. It is very strasnge bug that I have never seen.

      Any help will be appreciated!