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    Question about mouse proximity action on button

    Deaf Mike Level 1

      I am trying to help my colleague figure out how to make a button act like the Mac buttons do.  In other words, when your mouse gets closer to a button, they will steadily grow larger.  He found a piece of code, so i put it in my FLA file, closed my eyes, then peeked and hoped it worked.  It didn't.


      I have attached the FLA to this message.  If you remove the top portion of the code [the portion between the // lines], you will see the file works fine as the buttons will advance frames.  But when i put the top piece of code back [the piece my colleague gave me] i get error messages.


      bottom line is - what we're trying to do is make those triangle buttons "grow" as the mouse moves closer to them [like Mac buttons do].


      Can someone help me with this please?