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    Slow motion


      I have just burned my first 10 min movie with PE version 8.  The slow motion clip unfortunately is very jerky (rapid jerky movement) which did not show up whilst editing in PE.

      Kindly advice on how to fix it.  Also


      What must the setting be if I want the movie to be watched in the Southern Hemisphere countries?



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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          How jerky it is depends on how much you slowed it down and what the video file format is. DV-AVIs produce much cleaner slow-motion, for instance, than MPEGs. What kind of camcorder did this video come from?


          You can reduce some of these issues, to a point, by right-clicking on your slow motion clips and selecting Frame Blending.


          What format is best for your friends to the south depends on what medium you're using and which Southern Hemisphere country you're talking about. Is this for a DVD or are your displaying the video over the internet?

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            Ed.Macke Level 3

            I also remember a thread (from AT Romano, I believe) that said that fractional percentages, e.g. speeds of 1/2 (50%), 1/4 (25%), work better than random percentages, e.g. 38.3%.

            I have not had a chance yet to try that for myself, though....

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              JPR54 Level 1

              Steve, I really appreciate your answer.  The video came from a Canon HF10.  It originally was AVCHD files but I am not sure if PE has changed the format.  I have slowed the clip down significantly.  If remember correctly, more than 50%, around 75%. 


              I want to burn it on a DVD for watching in South Africa.  If posting on the internet, surely the format doesn't change from country to country???



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                JPR54 Level 1

                Thanks Ed, I will bear that in mind in future.

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                  the_wine_snob Level 9

                  That is creating a lot of extra Frames. What you have might be "as good as it gets." Do look at Frame Blending, as that might help. Some will likely depend on the motion in the footage.


                  Now, most European PAL DVD players (at least the newer ones) will handle most well-burned NTSC DVD-Videos. I do not know about SA, but I would guess that they just use the same PAL players as Europe. Again, newer European players usually work fine - it's the other direction, PAL in NTSC-land, that is a no-go.


                  Good luck, and maybe an SA local can confirm.



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                    JPR54 Level 1

                    Thanks you guys, the video was OK in the end.  I burned it and set it to "high quality".  The end result is smooth

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                      the_wine_snob Level 9

                      That is great news and thanks for sharing your success.


                      Happy editing,