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    "Save as" opens new window


      In CS 3 I was able to use the "Save as" option to save the file as another name and keep it as the active window without having dreamweaver open a new tab or window. Anybody know how to do this? Is there an option somewhere in CS 4? I open and save as many files and adding the extra "click" to close the previous window is taking up time.



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          370H55V Level 4

          Wow. You must be really (I mean REAAAAALLLLLLLLLLLLY) pressed for time that a single click is too long to do.

          How did you ever find the time to post here about it?



          Honesty, when you save as.... just hit Control-W (Command-W on Mac) and close the new tab. Unless of course that takes too long.

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            smarquez Level 1

            Control-w will close the active file. I am saving in consecutive order.


            File name - 01.txt > save as >

            next filename - 02.txt; 03.txt; 04.txt


            and so on.


            The active file used to become the new file name and not open it in a new tab or window. So, I have to close the previous window each time. It is a little more cumbersome than you might think when we are talking about 50 to 100 files copying and pasting.


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