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    Acrobat pauses when opening any pdf


      Figured I would open this again since the previous post was marked as answered....and the problem persists.


      Acrobat pauses for 30 seconds after I open any pdf. It will bring up the document, but I cannot do anything with it, like zoom, scroll, or even highligh buttons. If I click on anything, the menu bar will white out. After ~30 seconds, the menu bar goes back to normal and everything works perfectly. If I have Acrobat already open and then open a file, I usually do not have this problem. If I open a file holding down the shift key it still pauses. I can create pdf's no problem and have no other errors, just the pause on opening.


      I have Acrobat 9 Pro version 9.3.0 and all the updates. I have tried repairing the install. Removing and uninstalling and no change. Running on a Core 2 Duo 2 GHz, 1GB ram, Win XP. No other problems with the computer. This is just really frustrating when opening a lot of files searching for something. Thanks for any help.


      No change when "Use 2D Graphics acceleration" checked or unchecked.

      I had been using Acrobat 8 Pro and did not have any problems with it.