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    how to target root from a loaded swf?

    ritpas Level 1



      I have a swf called anim1.swf acting as a preloder and loading anim2.swf.

      anim1.swf is attached to a document class called Racine.as.

      Once anim2.swf is loaded, how can I target the root of anim2.swf?


      For example, anim2.swf contains 2 clips called clip1 and clip2.

      clip1 contains a child called clip1_1.

      How can I access clip2 from within clip1_1 by using an absolute way (I don't want to use the parent property)? Is there a way?


      Thanks in advance,





      N.B : a way would be to have a document class attached to anim2.swf, but here there is none.