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    Why is my FLV video pausing?


      I have posted a FLV video on my website, using Dreamweaver. The video appears there just fine, but when I play it back it pauses several times during playback.  Here is the page containing the problematic video:  http://www.criticalpathfinders.com/activity_volunteambuilding.html


      My web host says that all the settings are correct, in his words:


      "all of the settings we have in IIS6 are correct, we have a MIME extension as .flv and the MIME type is flv-application/octet-stream.  In the code where the movie is, there is a line that begins object type="application/x-shockwave-flash.  I have added that as a MIME type with the extension of .swf"


      The movie is about 5 minutes long and about 35Mb. 


      What is causing this problem and what is the fix?