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    Mask on layer from imported PSD image

    Keith Broaddrick

      Hi all.


      I am really new at using AE so please bear with my novice questions.


      I have a comp with a video avi file of a film strip. I also have a PSD file imported with a white blob (brush strokes) in the middle of the image. I want to use the shape of the blob as a mask to make that portion of the film strip transparent so I can show another video clip through the hole (mask) in the film strip video.


      I can't seem to get that portion of the film strip to be transparent in the shape of the blob. I can use the pen tool and create a mask that way, but tracing the shape of the brush strokes in the white blob would take forever. I can use auto-trace to outline the blob, but just don't know how to turn that into a mask to make the film strip transparent in that area.


      I know this must be really simple, but am having hard time figuring it out.


      Please help!!!