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    working between computers


      Is it possible to work between computers when building my web site. Is it just a case of transferring root folder between computers using memory stick or even by email? If so, how do I then open the file in Dreamweaver?

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          370H55V Level 4

          I keep all of my current sites on three computers. One desktop and two laptops. It helps to have a dedicated flash drive for the sites, and I try to only do changes on one system (the desktop) then copy the updated sites to the laptops for meeting with the clients and uploading remotely. If I have to make changes at the client's location, I simply bring the updates home and copy them back to the desktop.

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            vwgn Level 1

            go under site mamnagement, export your site. it will add a .ste file to your root directory folder. now copy the entire site to a flash drive or a central networked drive. Each computer will require you to import the site when you start working on it, but it will track changes/links and such as if you are on one machine with little effort. I use a computer at home, and one at school and keep all stuf I need in both places on a flash drive like this. I also have a top level folder on that drive, so backing up is easy, I just periodically drag it off the drive to my desktop and overwrite the existing folder on the desktop, so all changes are copied from the flash drive files. If I screw them up and need a copy, I just drag the file(s) i need onto the drive in the same manner..

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