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    Flex module for Apache and IIS with MAMP


      I am trying to setup flex 3 SDK in my MacBook Pro. I am using MAMP package as my apache, mysql, and php framework. When I install in I get the error that the mod_flex is garbled and may be it is not a proper OS X DSO. I have seen some having the same problem, and some sorting it out. Any help would be appreciated.

      - Geeth

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          I had this problem. The installer copies the wrong module.

          In the installation DMG right click the installer and click 'Show package contents'

          Go to Content/Resources

          Right click FlexMod and click 'Show package contents'

          Go to Content/Resources/Java/Disk1/InstData/

          Copy Resource1.zip to your dekstop

          Unzip it, go to $IA_PROJECT_DIR$/data/mods/macos/

          Unzip 20_zg_ia_sf.jar and copy the module into your MAMP/Library/modules folder.

          If this doesn't work, try 22_zg_ia_sf.jar

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            Ivascu Cristian
            Hi guys,

            Indeed, the module installer sometimes may fail to figure out the version of Apache in use. That happens when you use such a package, because the included Apache is slightly modified. The trick is, if you know the version of Apache that is included with MAMP to overwrite the copied module with the correct one. To do so you can either follow the instructions in the previous post or simply download the manual zip which contains all of the modules.

            Hope this helps,