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    Video Scaling / Resize problems


      Hi there,


      Using the new Sprint release, i have suddenly Problems setting the correct Layout Attributes.

      Thats what i'm trying:


      for x elements:

                          video = new VideoElement
                              ( new NetLoader()
                                  , new URLResource(new URL("file://"+filepath))
                          LayoutUtils.setRelativeLayout(video.metadata, 100, 100);
                          LayoutUtils.setLayoutAttributes(video.metadata, ScaleMode.LETTERBOX, RegistrationPoint.CENTER);
      end for                   

                      mediaPlayer.media = serialElement;
                      controlBar.element = serialElement;



      No Error, No Result. In the last Sprint everything worked fine.



      As a test I did the following:
                       mediaPlayer.media = serialElement;
                       controlBar.element = serialElement;

                      LayoutUtils.setRelativeLayout(serialElement.metadata, 100, 100);
                      LayoutUtils.setLayoutAttributes(serialElement.metadata, ScaleMode.LETTERBOX, RegistrationPoint.CENTER);

      These four lines worked like expected only for the first video.


      Every help is appreciated.


      Best Regards

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          RyanOConnell Level 2




          It looks like your example is correct, from what I can see.  Are there are other videos in your serial composition?  If so, you'll need to apply the LayoutUtils.setRelativeLayout and LayoutUtils.setLayoutAttributes to those elements as well as the first element.  If you are, have you tried to play the broken media elements alone, not in a composition?   If there are connections problems, etc.. try listening to the MediaErrorEvent from the video element.  If possible, please try to upload your complete example.