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    Will Win MX2004 projector run on Mac 10.4?

    Professor S.

      I thought the hqx file it creates could be expanded with StuffIt and that this projector would run on 10.4, 10.5, and 10.6? I have a student with a three-year old MacBook running 10.4.11 who had trouble expanding an hqx file at first (seems that StuffIt wasn't installed properly?). Now, he says when he clicks on the .osx it reports   ""open dictionary - not scriptable" error. I have searched in support, forums, and web to find a compatibility chart (thought I saw one several months ago) but can't find the answer. Is there such a chart or technote somewhere or can you just tell me what version's of Mac OSX - Win MX2004 projectors will run on please? You'll help is greatly appreciated.


      BTW: In case you are wondering, I made the projector with D10.1