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    Ellipsis (...) in dataGrid itemRenderer


      If you want a line of text in a datagrid cell to end with an ellipsis (...) when it's too long for its cell, you can set the column's item renderer to be "mx.control.Label" and that works. The entry looks like this:


      Here is my line of dat...


      But here's my problem.


      I have created my own item renderer which is an HBox containing an image and a label. But the label doesn't truncate with the ellipsis ... when the data is too long, it simply chops the end off the displayed text.


      So my question is this. How can I get the ellipsis ... to appear for the label in my item renderer? I'm using a datagrid with scaleable column widths so I can't set a fixed width on the label which would work, I know.