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    Out of memory error for large recordings:

    kc_chaitu Level 2


        My workflow process takes input as a list. It loops through the workflow for all the items in the list. If my list contain 4 items, there will be 3*7= 21 steps when I invoke the process. I can able to check my recordings for debugging.


      If I give 5 inputs, It takes around 5*7 = 35 steps in the workflow. If I try to play the recording, i see the error: java heap space: Out of memory exception. I changed my space to Xmx1024m in workbench.ini. I also did: java -Xms<initial heap size> -Xmx<maximum heap size> (Q1: do we need to restart the JBoss after we do the second step? ).


      Q2: My system is Windows7 with 4GB RAM. I have liveCycle 8.2 with SP2. JBoss & MySql. Do I need to set this java RAM size in any of our JBoss server files?


      Q3: Is there any file to set the maximum permissible steps for a process recording? If so, please let me know. It would be a great help.