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    Copy project from 8.0 to 4.0 version


      I am not a happy customer with 8.0.  We've used the 4.0 for a couple of years and produced a short documentary and several wedding and retirement videos with it.  Minor glitches, only.  I am having a problem burning a DVD due to multiple crashes. This is extremely frustrating as we are on a deadline to produce a video.  If we could move the Project back into 4.0, I would do so - but, cannot.

      I see there is a fix on NVIDIA and will try it to prevent crashes.  But, I would just as soon go back to using the 4.0 unless this works.\

      Help, please.

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          Welcome to the forum.


          Unfortunately, if the Project has either been done in PrE 8, or has been converted to a PrE 8 Project, and the original PrE 4 Project file does not exist, there is no going back. One can often go from older to newer versions (some limitations and minor glitches can arise), just not the other way around.


          Now, is anything left from when the Projects were worked on in PrE 4, or has so much been done, that it would not pay to Open either the PrE 4 Project in PrE 4, or use an AutoSave (if still available)?


          One option would be to Share the PrE 8 file as a DV-AVI and then Import that into PrE 4 for further editing, and burning. Remember, things like Transitions will be burned into that DV-AVI and cannot be easily replaced, plus all Handles from those Clips will be gone.


          While you're thinking over those limited options, you might want to give full details on your system, your Project and your Assets (the PrE 8 Project), in hopes that someone can help you with "fixing" PrE 8.


          Good luck,