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    Need help with embedded SWF in PDF as navigation




      I was wondering is there a way to have an embedded swf navigate to different pages of a pdf?



      My swf is on page one. There are mulitple buttons in the swf, when clicked it will take you to page 3, or 5, or 7, etc.


      Currently, when I click on a button, it DOES take me to say page 4, but the content on page is the SWF file from page 1, and not the content that is suppose to be on page 4. Has anyone else experienced this problem?


      This is what I have in the flash action:

      btn_1994_1.addEventListener( MouseEvent.CLICK, p1994 );
      function p1994(e:MouseEvent):void{
           doExternalInterfaceCall("gotoTarget", "pink");

      function doExternalInterfaceCall(myfncall, parm)


      And this is what I have in the javascript of the pdf:

      function gotoTarget(name)



      Please help me fix this problem.


      Thanks in advanced!