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    the 'works locally fine, not on server' deal




      You can check it out if that helps with anything. There was always a flash movie on the homepage and it worked fine. A couple days ago I replaced the movie with a new one and added a .swf to the portfolio page as well. On the portfolio page, the movie is layered behind a series of transparent .pngs that link to their corresponding lightbox designations. The movie just plays, there isn't any interaction this way, atleast not in flash.


      The problem: Everything works perfectly fine locally on all browsers and not at all on the server across all browsers. I have seen this problem before and read alot of posts about it. I know I have the proper scripts files. I've re-saved flash movies, changed their location within the site, published them with the appropriate settings, nothing seems to do the trick. Whats worse is that the lightbox doesn't even work online and it runs fine locally. Infact you cant even click on the .pngs and they aren't positioned the same with the css as they are viewed locally. I've overwritten the css with the up-to-date stylesheet many times as well.


      This may be a html/css problem as well. I've been frustrated and wanted to see if anybody could detect a source of the problem based off the site or this post. I appreciate anyone willing to help.