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    Problem pulling FLV from MySQL to load in FlashVars, desperately need help


      Hello all,

        So I have literally scoured the net, picked the minds of fellow developers but cannot for the life of me sort out how accomplish this.If there is anyone out there who has done this and knows the piece I am missing I would be very grateful for your help.

      Basic set up. I have built a SWF player that will stream FLVs. I wanted it to be dynamic so I am pushing the file to the SWF using the FlashVars attribute of both the object and embeded tag. When the FLV is on the file system this works as expected and the FLV is streamed into the SWF player. However the problem is that I am pulling the FLV from MySQL asa binary blob and replacing that into the FlashVars source value.

      An example is this: I am passing an argument to a php file that renders the blob data, outputs it via Headers for content type,  et cetra. I know this works because when you hit the URL directly with the appropriate ID for the FLV I can get the browser to recognize the filetype and even pass the deposition as an attachment and allow the user to download the file. Upon downloading it I have checked the FLV for corruption but it appears the file data is in working order.

      My question is specifically why when this URL with the argument is passed to the flashvars it does not work. Example is:


      flashvars="flvurl=../viewFile.php?fid=86" where flvurl is the object variable I have created in the SWF actionscript. I know the flashvars and swf are working as it works when I pass flashvars an FLV from the file system. Does anyone have any idea why it wouldn't be working when I try to pass flashvars the php URL argument even though the data is coming out of the DB correctly.