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    Premiere Pro 1.5 Audio Capture


      Help.  I am using Premiere Pro 1.5 with a Matrox RT.X100 Extreme Pro capture card.


      My video is shot on Panasonic DVC-Pro camera.  Playback deck is RCA audio out and S-video out.


      Audio sounds normal when I encode the video into Premiere Pro 1.5.   However, when I put it on the timeline, the audio is pushed to its full limit and sounds distorted.  Lowering db or mixer levels on makes the audio lower... no less distorted.


      Does anyone know the fix?  I have changed settings until I have headache.


      Thanks to any and all who know this answer.

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          Harm Millaard Level 7

          Doesn't that camera have normal firewire out for regular capture? That would mean you could lose the Matrox as well. Two birds with one stone...

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            ExtremeMediaProd Level 1

            No firewire out on the camera... it's a few years old... ok, about 10 years old


            Matrox audio goes into sound card.  I have lowered every setting and it still spikes the audio and distorts it.

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              the_wine_snob Level 9

              Over the last couple of years, there have been several threads on Audio issues with Matrox cards. Now, IIRC, most were with more recent versions of PrPro, and I do not recall this particular problem, where the Audio's Gain is pushed to clipping. Still, I would do a Search for Audio and Matrox on this forum, and see if there might be both some similarities, and also some solutions.


              For CS4.2, there were driver issues, until Matrox got new drivers up, but I do not recall too many similarities in the issues that those Matrox users had. Are your Matrox drivers the latest version for that card? If not, that is the second place that I would look.


              The third place that I would check would be the capture control console. Are there any Gain/Level settings there? Not having a Matrox capture card, you have to be my (and most folk's) eyes - and ears.


              Good luck, and let us know what you find out.



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                ExtremeMediaProd Level 1

                All drivers are up-to-date.


                The Matrox card audio goes from the breakout cable directly into the sound card.  I thought adjusting the volume levels would lower the audio.  It does as it captures the audio. But when I move the clip to the timeline, the audio still pushes to the highest limits, making it sound extremely distorted.


                I know I am over looking some setting.  I have been all over forums for weeks trying to find an answer. Adobe Support didn't offer any help since it's 1.5.

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                  ExtremeMediaProd Level 1

                  My sound card is Realtek HD Audio Card.


                  Could that be the problem... even though I can hear it and it is capturing.


                  Matrox says make sure your card is DirectSound-compatible.  I can't find anything on the Realtek website about it's compatible.

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                    the_wine_snob Level 9

                    With a Realtek chip, one big area of concern is having the VERY latest driver installed. Programs, like PrPro use these drivers much more than most other programs. Simple OS updates can kill your driver. If it's more than a week, or two, old, check for updates. Also, you should have a control console app. for that chip. Do not forget to check everything out there, such as Line In.


                    You can go to Start>Run and type in "dxdiag," without the "'s, and look closely at your Audio tabs. Lot of useful info there, including the driver version and date.


                    Good luck,




                    PS - also, while in the dxdiag dialog box, check your version of DirectX. For XP it should be 9.0c, IIRC. Vista should be somewhere in the version 10's, and I haven't a clue for Win7.


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                      ExtremeMediaProd Level 1

                      Bill... first, the dxdiag is a great utility! I had no idea of that function.


                      Everything looks up-to-date and good.  I am going to switch to one of the "recommended" sound cards and see if that has any impact on the audio.

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                        the_wine_snob Level 9

                        I cannot remember (maybe I need a RAM stick replacement?) if I mentioned this one. There is an ASIO driver, ASIO4ALL, that often is able to bridge various equipment, and allow them to interface perfectly, especially when other drivers fail. It's free, and easy. On the Web-site, there are all sorts of tips, but basically, one installs it, reboots and then in all audio-control locations, they point to it in the ASIO settings dialog boxes. I'd start with PrPro and go to Audio Hardware>ASIO settings, and it will now appear as an option for both Input and Output. Test. If things now come about, make sure to set ASIO4ALL in any other editing programs, audio and video, plus set it for any players. Depending on your system, this can take a bit of time. When I added it to my 5.1 SS system, I had forgotten one of my Magix programs, and wondered why it suddenly did not function properly - well, as soon as I remembered to set ASIO4ALL in it too, things were perfect.


                        If it does not work perfectly in all programs, just choose another driver. It will do no harm. It has also allowed some pretty high-end, esoteric gear to interface for users on the Audition forum - amazing that a free driver will allow $5000 pieces of gear to work perfectly, at least to me.


                        Good luck, and please report, especially as I have no experience with Matrox gear.