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    list.selectedIndex different behavious

    Alex Weirig

      I noticed a difference in the behavior of the selectedItem (or selectedIndex) for a list when using drag and drop. Here's the scenario:
      I have working code in FlexBuilder 2.0.1. I have a list and I have enabled drag/drop on the list such that I can reorder items in the list. In my drag/drop handler I get the selectedIndex from the list, this gives me (using FlexBuilder 2) the index at which the item was when I grabbed it and started dragging it (that's because the item seems to get selected when clicked to start dragging). From the list and the drag/drop event I can get the dropIndex so that I know both the source and target indexes.

      Now using FlexBuilder 3 Beta 1, the same code fails on me because the selectedIndex == -1 and the selectedItem == null.

      I also noticed that when using the dragSource to try to recover the XML information for the item being dragged I can't get any data, again getting to that data works like a charm within FlexBuilder 2.

      Is this a bug or is this "works as designed"? Is there an incompatibility issue because I installed both builders in standalone mode on the same machine?

      Many thanks in advance for your precious help.

      Alex Weirig