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    Dual Layer Burning

    Rivercoon Level 1

      Using PE8 running under Windows 7 I am having trouble trying to burn to a DVD+R DL.  "Fit contents to available space" has been checked.  PE says 7.95GB is needed to burn the DVD.  The disc has 8.5GB but PE still says there is insufficient space for burning.  Is something needed to be done for PE to recognize a Dual Layer disc?

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          A.T. Romano Level 7

          What is the total time of the Timeline content that you are trying to burn to DVD DL?



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            Rivercoon Level 1

            Total on the timeline is 03;14;50;04.

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              Rivercoon Level 1

              Just noticed that I can adjust the quality by hand up to 7.90GB before being told there isn't enough room.  This is about 3/5 of the way toward "Highest Quality.  I guess the automatic compression is just having problems.  Anyone know why it needs .6GB unused on the disk?

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                the_wine_snob Level 9

                Well, part of that "difference" is in the math. Computers use 1024, where manufacturers state things in terms of 1000. Sounds slight, but when you get up into the multiple GB's, they add up quickly. I doubt that you will have nearly as much "space," as you think you will.


                It's not unlike the audio days of yore - RMS meant different things to different groups. Trust me, the marketing departments always use the definition that made their products look better. It's always been that way. Think of it as "spinning" the specs.


                Good luck, and hope that your DL DVD looks great,



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                  nealeh Level 5

                  Burn it to Folder (8.5GB) then use disk burning software (e.g. Nero, ImgBurn, Roxio etc...) to burn your disk. Make sure your burning software is set to burn DVD-Video.


                  Doing it this way means PRE only encodes once and  if you need to, it's faster to burn another copy. It also gives you the option of using DVD-Shrink ( or Nero Recode to shrink it to 4.7GB (although with a three hour video I would stick with dual layer on this one).


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