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    Create DNG Profile - Why does it look different in the DNG Editor vs LR/ACR?

    Laura Shoe Adobe Community Professional

      Hi everyone, I am sorry if this has been covered before -- perhaps you could give me a link to the relevant info.


      I have a client who shoots with a Leica DMR.  The reds are way to saturated and magenta.  We created a new camera profile in the DNG editor using a color-checker chart, shot at D6500 and Tungsten.  Looks great, and Lightroom recognizes it.  The issue:  when we look at a photograph in the DNG editor with this profile, it looks much better.  When we look at the same photograph in LR/ACR with the profile selected, the reds are still too saturated and magenta (though way better than without our profile).  Why would a photo look different in the two applications, with the same profile?


      As shown in DNG Editor:

      leica profile in dng editor.jpg

      As shown in LR:

      leica profile in LR.png


      Thank you for any light you can shed on this.


      Laura Shoe