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    Dw Templates - .dwt.php & Movie not loaded




      I'm in the middle of converting an existing website to .dwt for use with Contribute. All is going well, I have my editable regions working and my templates folder in the correct place.


      I've run into a few problems, the primary one being Flash.


      • Dw is saving the templates as filename.dwt.php. They do function as you'd expect .dwt to function, but I can't find a reason for it doing this. Is this because they need to be .php files themselves to correctly use the code, or is this a setting I have somewhere? I've searched but I can't see details on this. Will this cause problems?


      • Dw would connect to the root domain, but not to the host directory (not the first time it has happened, I swear it doesn't like me). I've double checked permissions and logins, but it keeps throwing a permissions/directory doesn't exist error. This is not a problem as such as I can browse to it from the root, but I thought it may have some impact on the following problem. It is definitely affecting the check in/check out functionality, but for setup this is tolerable. If anyone knows reasons why or how to fix it, I'd love to know.


      • I had the files running on a local WAMP server. The template is *perfect*, exactly what I want the page/s based on it to look like. (Dw does throw a notification about placing editable regions inside a block level element and that meaning that users cannot create new blocks, which is fine by me, but might have some bearing?). In uneditable regions of the template there are two separate .swf files. When I view the template page, the files are visible and play as they are supposed to. When I view the page created from this template on the WAMP server, these areas collapse. When I view this page on the live test server, the areas are the correct size, but the movies do not play. A right click shows a greyed out notification of "movie not loaded". The page source shows that the links are relative and pointing to the correct place. The spry assets on the same page do load, all the other links work (relative), and I have checked that the .swf files are indeed on the server, working, and in the correct location. What could be causing the template-based page to malfunction like this? Am I missing something simple?


      Any help with this would be greatly appreciated. This is my first time converting to templates and trying to get a site ready for Contribute and I would like to get a better understanding of why it is doing what it is doing. I've been going around in circles for hours and could really use a couple more heads on the matter.