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    Giving up on Adobe


      My CS4 version of Fireworks now crashes EVERY time I try to open it on my Snow Leapord MacBook Pro.


      I have learned not to call Adobe tech support because they are completely clueless and unhelpful, and barely speak English anyway.


      This is the last straw for me, after using Adobe products since the very first the company produced. I even went to Adobe's first office party, when the company was launched.


      This is a very sad story for Adobe and its customers. A once-great company brought low by bad software, poor quality, and totally unacceptable customer service.


      I've had it, that's it. I'll find an alternative. This is a market opportunity for some developer that wants to pick up the ball that Adobe has obviously dropped. . . .

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          julzmon Level 1

          I agree with you. My Fireworks CS4 is so buggy. Which sucks because it’s my favorite app for webdesign. Adobe’s apps seem to be really buggy and the worst part is they are hardly ever patching anything. They expect you to buy CS5 so you can have less bugs.

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            Don't give just yet! It is true about Adobe's tech support totally useless, but thank god for other bloggers that can help search around the internet and you'll find some good help. Fireworks is pretty advanced if your not to familiar with their products!


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              gary21cp Level 1

              Thanks for the upbeat reply, but I have to note that I'm totally familiar, even expert, with Fireworks, since I've been using it from the first commercial version when it was still a Macromedia product. I've also been using Adobe products since the very first releases. I've been using PC's for more than 30 years, and using a Mac since the very first one of those when it came out in 1984.


              Adobe software has just gotten more and more buggy and unreliable over the years, and the current version of Fireworks in CS4 is the worst. Adobe already acknowledges that on a Mac there is an unresolved problem of crashing on quit, but now for me the program crashes more than it runs. I don't have this problem with any other program from any other company. As noted by many people in this forum, Adobe tech support on the phone is the worst imaginable, to the point that Adobe has had to formally apologize to its customers for poor customer service.


              There doesn't appear to be any way to send Adobe a message about improving their software and customer service other than to stop buying their products.

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                julzmon Level 1

                For instance (for the first time) I just filed a support complaint about Fireworks. I complained about me having to press command-space a number of times for it to change to the magnifying tool. I also complained about when viewing Fireworks in full screen and moving the canvas leaves all kinds of artifacts on screen. I even sent a screenshot. The response to my support issue is to change my keyboard shortcut to something different than command-space. Is that an excusable response? I don’t think so. And they didn’t even understand my artifacts issue and told me to change the keyboard shortcut for that issue.


                Seems like a really crappy response to software that I’ve spent thousands of dollars on?

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                  John la Soe

                  Like Gary, I'm probably, one of the older guys here (sorry Gary ) and I sadly have to agree. I also have seen many more that think alike.

                  So, to me it's obvious, and even their own staff (I know), that Adobe has made the wrong turns, over the past years.

                  Therefore they should make a drastic policy change. First of all, refocus on products (stop expanding, do the opposite), reorganize (start at the top, bring back the experts) and compensate customers that still believe in Adobe (free upgrades). I will not spend a dollar on Adobe products, until they get things working again. I hope someone at Adobe is brave enough to report this kind of customer input to the board of directors, or maybe even to some of the major share-holders.

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                    gary21cp Level 1

                    No offense taken, about the age. . . . We should all be so lucky to get old!