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    Floating AP Div - Need it to move with browser resize.


      I have GREAT success in Dw-CS3 thus far - although I don'y fully understand everything I have blended HTML tables with CSS and feel good about the results!


      One issue though is on my contact page I have contact form table nested in a AP DIV - everything looks good until I resize my browser (ANY browser. Firefox, Opera, Safari).


      Now I understand that AP Div rely on absolute positioning - that's cool, but if you see my attached examples I need to find a way to anchor it so it doesn't allow my background and other elements to shift away from it on a browser resize.


      I've even tried a regular DIV tag but that felt more restrictive and forced my contact form up into the left hand portion of the container. When I started to add padding it pushed my neighboring HTML tables out creating ugly gaps.


      Any help would be most welcome! I can provide my code too as I work in spilt mode and really try and keep an eye on it.


      Anna -


      files attached*