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    Unknown recorder error

    schlossd Level 1

      I am using CS4 PPro for Mac and prior to the problem was capturing from my Sony Z7U HDV via firewire to a Drobo with 4 Tb drives.  No problem.  Then I decided to upgrade to a Kona AJA LHi card and capture by component.  I discovered that the drobo just could not keep up and until my new raid enclosure arrives I wanted to go back and keep capturing with HDV via firewire to the drobo.  Everything fires up ok but upon capture the statistics at the top no longer give info on how much is being used, etc and when I hit ESC to stop I get "Unknown recorder error". I have tried to change and confirm all the settings and even reinstalled CS4...no luck.  Oh yeah, I also uninstalled all AJA software and drivers and removed the card just in case.  Nada!


      Any thoughts