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    Kuler clash


      Whenever I want to go to MyKuler, I get an error "Kuler clash with no Error number. I am logged in and have cookies enabled.

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          are you still facing this?

          Which flash player version do you have installed?

          Also, it would be great if you can proivde browser and OS info as well.

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            R.Hug Level 1

            Yes, I am still facing this.


            I use XP, Flashplayer 10 (ltest version) and Firefox 3.6


            It also happen with IE

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              Adobe_kuler Level 1

              What's your kuler user id?

              Are you able to search for your themes by using your username as search keyword?


              We have not been able to reproduce this issue at our end. However, we have recently made few changes.

              Delete your browser cache and then try to login to Kuler. Let us know if you still face any issues