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    flash object misbehaving in Firefox


      Firefox throws the flash file out of it's container?  The page behaves correctly in IE8 (32bit).  I posted in DW forums who suggested it was a flash issue and not DW. 




      Thanks in advance.

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          Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          I read thru your discussion in the DW forum and don't see anyone suggesting it would be a Flash issue.  Your own test using just an image that resulted in the same problem would seem to indicate it is a layout design/compatibility issue.  If you are seeing the swf okay, then it is probably not a problem with the embedding code, but something in the layout that is tripping up in Firefox.


          When all else fails, simplify.  Reduce the page to the minimum content where the problem remains, and you hopefully eventually hit on something that gives expected results... though if you're involving CSS, that becomes another factor to have to deal with.

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            INTYME1985 Level 1

            thank you Ned, I stand corrected, I forgot after removing the flash file it still is thrown right





            I will look into CSS, thanks again

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              waterdad568 Level 3

              The easiest way to test and possibly fix the issue, is either find the css external doc that references id "#mainContent" and adjust the position properties of "top" and 'left" (if they exist if not add them) to either absolute or relative px x-y locations.


              You can also use an inline style on the html doc itself in the <head> of the internal css styles to override the external doc, simply add something like this to your html doc.









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                INTYME1985 Level 1

                fwiw, I changed the top/left margins via the styles inspector to 25/25..  it brought the object back into the frame, not quite centered, but I am onto something.


                I will continue 'hacking' away until I get the desired result.  For whatever reason, leaving the margins at 0/0 throws me out.  I must find that wizard and get me a brain.


                thanks to all for their help

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                  waterdad568 Level 3

                  Your not looking for the margins, they should not need adjustment, on something like that with no borders margin/padding would be best at 0,0, by doing so you will have an exact top and left registration point to position with using x and y properties, use the position attributes either in the external or add in internal style id for the container.

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                    INTYME1985 Level 1

                    when i did that, the entire editable region dropped below the page and onto my flag background?  so i tried changing it via the css properties inspector

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                      waterdad568 Level 3

                      It is a pretty solid method, set margin/padding to 0,0 on the object and container, or remove altogether and use the position attributes directly in (with text editor) either the external stylesheet or override and ignore external and add inline style right in the html doc. The hierachy of css will be external overwridden by internal overwridden by inline, in that order.


                      With no margin or padding the css will use the absolute top left corner of the objects.

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                        INTYME1985 Level 1

                        I will have to bookmark this page and revisit it.  I like the absolute positioning idea, it bugs me when pages "jump" between navigation.


                        but it seems I am not skilled enough in DW yet to correctly deploy your suggestions.  If I try the absolute method, it is thrown completely off the page, but setting margin left, top via inspector achieves the desired result.  I do know writing in code is the bettter approach.


                        Thank you for your help, just having trouble with the better method, but it does seem to be working now.

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                          waterdad568 Level 3

                          Try this, locate your html file, make a copy of it and put it on your desktop (or any other working path/folder you prefer) then go back to your original html file, in its original location, if you are using windows right click on the file and "Open With" Notepad, once you have the file open, copy paste the code below in between the style tags:


                          <style type="text/css">


                          body....etc etc...{



                          #mainContent {








                          Then save the doc and test the html by opening it in a browser.


                          You should be able to override any other css call to an external sheet and position the element at will be simply changing those px positions.

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                            INTYME1985 Level 1

                            thank you and pardon the delay in my response, being a novice I waited until I had the time to experiment with your suggestion.


                            I like absolute positioning..  when adding your code to my template (I couldn't successfully do this in the html page, but regardless)..  it causes the remainder of the content to collapse upwards.


                            I can force the footer back down the page with absolute positioning, but can't find where I establish a fixed size of the content container or how to force the second editable region back down the page?


                            thanks again



                            ps...  I have more of the pages developed now