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    jaggy background movement

    hwa-jun yu Level 1

      I have a rather large background I want to go scrolling. It was around 1500 x 768. I have another one that's much larger, 2000-something on the width.

      The problem is being that the background movement is jaggy and should be considered unacceptable when compared to other HO game products on the market.

      Was the size too much for director to handle?

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          Robert Crowe Level 1

          Some things to look at:

          1. What frame rates are you seeing when the background is not moving?  What frame rates when it's moving?
          2. What color model does the movie use?  If you're using an indexed color model for your movie, try using the same color model for an indexed image file like a PNG or GIF.  Try to use the same color palette for both.
          3. Reducing the size of the graphic is always a good idea.  Try reducing it as much as you can before you see noticable problems and then test your movie's performance.  As a test, reduce it much farther and see it that helps.  Try several tests to see if you can find a sweet spot.