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    AVCHD Data file on DVD

    Helmuth Fischer

      Read in a German magazine (Videoaktiv-Digital 2/2010) that Casablanca has launched a new feature: Output of an AVCHD Data file onto normal DVD. They apply a data rate of 18 Mbit/s (as opposed to normally 25 Mbit/s). Most blue ray players are supposed to read the data. Looks like that approx. 30 min of material fit onto such a DVD. DVD's are dirt cheap and it would be a good way to cheaply archive material.

      The German testers compared original HDV material on tape with the quality of the AVCHD-DVD and could not detect (visually) any difference.


      Does anybody know whether Premeire Pro has a similar feature available? If not, might be a good idea to bring this to the attention of the developers at Adobe.