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    New to Print, Business Stationary?

    FlexDouche Level 1

      Hello all,


      I am trying to make some simple stationary (Paper, Business Card, qnd Envelope) and am hoping someone here might be able to help me with the basics of setting up my document(s)?


      My vocabulary is limited but I understand the basics, such as Bleed, Pantone colors, and whatnot and I am familiar with Illustrator but new to InDesign.


      Any help would be appreciated, my main questions are, how to set up the documents to be sure they are printed correctly (Standard paper, card, envelope) and whether someone may know of a good online resource for me to work from, visual tutorial or something?


      Thank you so much in advance!

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          Jacob Bugge MVP & Adobe Community Professional



          There are templates which may ease the task of arranging, and, especially for business cards, cutting. Obviously, the templates apply to specific purposes/sizes. Ultimately, the arrangement is governed by the desired visual appearance, as is the artwork itself.

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            Mr. Met Level 3

            If you have the creative suite, it comes with templates in one of the extras folders. Check your disks.

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              p taz Level 3

              StationEry.... for a start...


              Being a designer, it is a good word to get right.

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                Business Stationery Pro helps you to design labels, brochures Software provides you thousands of symbols, images and  graphical shapes to choose from


                Business Stationery
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                  John Danek Level 4

                  Go to a local print shop and ask them for paper samples for stationery.  This is as important as the software you plan to use.  Paper is a main ingredient in the design process.  A good printer will have samples for you to look at and they will also have swatch books for you to choose from.  The client usually dictates what sizes they want ( i.e., #9 env., #10 window env., etc. ).  This is the starting point once you've discussed the direction the client wants to go in design-wise.  The customer may or may not have a branded corporate identity established which outlines which ink colors should be used when ( although in your case, they probably haven't thought about that yet...otherwise they would have given you their reference materials ) appropriate.  For instance, they may have a website already created where you can access their use of color.  Perhaps I'm getting a little off topic here, so let me just say the entire project could be created in Illustrator.  The standard card size is 2" x 3.5"; that's your document size.  If the card bleeds anywhere, then the document size is 2.25x3.75 with a standard 1/8" bleed.  Let me recommend that you first talk with a local printer that can supply you with templates, instructions, and samples.  Ask them all of the questions you have.  Get answers and then start designing.

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                    Liyke W

                    I am agree with john you must have to go to local print shop and ask them for your business stationery or you wll also do this online also.