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    Cant get my head around preloaders in Flash CS4

    Pete-1967 Level 1

      Hi Folks,

      Can anyone help me with preloaders please?

      On my site I have a simple slideshow of 3 images that I have made in Flash. They are layered and the first images starts on frame2, when the final image has finished it loops back to the start to replay, no problems with that.


      However I have the fact that until the swf loads there is an empty box with a white boarder, this only lasts maybe a second or so but I wanted to apply a preloader but cant for the life of me get this to work.


      The instructions with the loader say;

      There is no need to edit your Flash project to implement this loader. This loader (swf) will show your project (swf) once loaded.


      No I have no idea what that means and what I do. I have played around with this for an hour or so and now want to throw my pc out of the window. Very frustrating that I can make a slideshow but cannot for the life of me work this out.


      Attached the preloader file for you to have a look at.


      If anyone has any better preloader ideas that are simple to use I would be SO grateful.


      Thanks, P.