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    Reader 9.2 does not choose the right postscript level



      I use an old HP4500 Color Laser Jet (it still prints very well and I have a lot of toner :-)). every time I want to print a pdf on it, it does not work, for the adobe reader sets the postscript level to 3 although the printer has only 2.


      I've found the information anywhere in the adobe pages, which say:

      "Note: Acrobat sets the PostScript level automatically, based on the selected printer."


      In my printer settings (Win7-64 bit, driver: HP Universal Printing PS Version 12.4.2009, I have set the level to 2 (Dokumentoptions:Postscript Options:Postscript language level: 2)

      But Adobe Reader is not interested in my settings and sets it to 3 every time and I have to change it manually every time. That is not funny, when printing many pdfs.... :-(((


      I don't understand this, it has happend with another driver under windows xp the same way, but now I have lost my patience.


      Why does the reader does not work properly or can I tell him to do so ?


      Best regards


      Thomas keller, Germany