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    Aligning Text Problem CS4

    mentlity Level 1

      Sometimes I forget how to do the simple things correctly. I just migrated from CS3 to CS4  I have a set of navigation buttons which are in text now. I need the first left word to be at 100 align left and the last text word to be at 800 align right there are 3 other buttons in the middle. How in the world do I align all these with keeping the far left word and far right words where against their lines and keeping the spacing inbetween all the same?


      I tried this with keeping the text as text and using the align tools, paragraph tools then converting all the text to an mc and still can't get it right.


      I pic of what I need to do is in the attached.


      any help?



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          Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          You use the align tool, but with the align-to-stage option deselected.  First place the two end pieces where they go, then place the remainingones between tems in the intended order.  Select them all and choose the alignment tool that equally spaces things out, being sure that the align-to-stage is not selected.

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            mentlity Level 1

            FIGURED IT OUT, I had all 5 words in one text field. I broke up into 5 separate text fields, put the left word far left and the right word far right . Then used the align tools.





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              waterdad568 Level 3

              To align them as you want, they need to be seperate objects, and as buttons, either movie clip or button symbols.


              Then if you are using the timeline/stage to build, simply select the object and either drag or use arrow keys to align individually, if you are using actionscript then just align the instances with x and y coordinants.


              instance.x = 1;

              instance.y = 2;