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    New library for generating PDF on client side

    Adam Adamczyk Level 1

      I am pleased to annouce we have started new project fxpdf : http://fxpdf.com

      It is in fact it is libHary pdf open source library rewritten in AS3.

      Full story about this project you can find in my blog http://eaigurus.com/blog/?p=170


      In a shot summary it allows you


      1. Generate PDF files with lines, text, images.
      2. Supports outline, text annotation, link annotation.
      3. Embed PNG, Jpeg images.
      4. Emebed Type1 font and TrueType font.
      5. Encrypt PDF files.
      6. Use various character sets (ISO8859-1~16, MSCP1250~8, KOI8-R).
      7. Supports CJK fonts and encodings.


      have fun!


      Adam Adamczyk