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    pan and zoom too hard?

    mverhaar Level 1
      Im a new PRE element v8 user and have for years used MS moviemaker.
      I love all the features and its clearly a better tool but I am having some problems with the basics of pan and zoom
      Building a vacation movie and have some 4000x3000 high res photos I just want to slowlly pan accross without blurring.  I also just want to zoom in on some images to a certain point.  In moviemaker I had some effects that marked the screen into 9 section and you could zoom top left to bottom right, left to right (D-F) for example, it was really easy.
      In PRE I found the 'presets' for horizontal pan but its image size specific and if you take anything over 640...the picture gets black bars on some side as it pans and I want to stay within the picture and not have any bars, the pictures are high res so I must just be missing something.
      1) How do you pan top right to bottom left on a high res photos, or L-R.  Can you PAN from and to specific points?
      2) Zoom, I want to slowly zoom in or out from a specifc point?
      Much appreciated
      thanks Maarten
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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          The very first thing that I would do is to resize those large files to just what you need. The 4000 pxl. dimension is the very max that PrE can handle. These tax your system mightily.


          Depending on the Preset for your Project, you can only see a fixed number of pixels, at one time, say 720 x 480 for an SD/DV Project. If your images are used in an SD/DV Project, you could pan for hours on such large images. When doing pans on images that are zoomed out, I usually will be able to do all that I want with images of 1000 x 750 - lot of panning allowed. For HD Projects, the sizes will increase, but 4000 pxls. is monster.


          This ARTICLE will give one tips on automating the resizing to the max required (dictated by the amount of pan and the Project's specs.).


          Now, for automated pans & zooms, the SlideShow creator in PhotoshopElements has similar. I do not know the specifics, or controls, but think that one can customize, or just use the "Random Pan & Zoom."


          PrE has some Presets, BUT it has one special feature, Keyframing, that allows the user to do absolutely anything that they can imagine, regarding pans and zooms. The first thing to do is to turn OFF "Scale to Frame," and then to open the Effects Panel. If you click on an image, you will see the fixed Effects (and any that you have added), when you choose Edit Effects. Go to the fixed Effect>Motion and open it. You will see Position and Scale. Think of Position as your Pan and Scale as your Zoom. Using Keyframes, you can adjust both of these over time. You can pause either, by adding Keyframes with the same parameters, and can speed things up by having Keyframes closer together. For pans and zooms, I convert the Linear Keyframes to Continuous Bezier, or use Ease-Out/Ease-In. With Keyframes, you have ultimate and infinite control


          Good luck,



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            Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

            I agree with Hunt. Images that size in Premiere Elements will give you nothing but problems.


            Resize them to the more standard 1000x750 pixels and you can either use keyframing to create your custom motion paths (Here are some free articles on keyframing from Muvipix.com) or you can use just drop one of the Muvipix 1000x750 pixel presets onto your photos. (Instructions for installing and using these presets are included in the Zip file.)

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              the_wine_snob Level 9

              Steve Grisetti has done a great, free article on BASIC KEYFRAMING in PrE on the Muvipix site. Scroll down to "Basic Keyframing," near the bottom of the page. At the very end, he also has an article on SlideShow creation in PrE. The last was written for PrE 7, but most will apply to PrE 8.


              Hope that this helps,




              BTW - there are a ton of great articles and tutorials on the Muvipix site, besides the Keyframing and SlideShow creation ones. Spend some time there, just looking around. Many are totally free, while some are for sale (free to paid subscribers). Lots of great music, stock footage, and more.

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                the_wine_snob Level 9

                For some of the concepts of Keyframing, this TUTORIAL will get you going. Note: this tutorial, by Curt Wrigley, was written for Premiere 6.0, an early precursor to PrPro, so the look will differ from what you see in PrE 8. However, the concept of using Keyframes is exactly the same, even if the mechanical differences between the two programs is different. Once you have the concept, and know where to apply that in your particular program, you're good to go.


                Happy Keyframing!



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                  mverhaar Level 1

                  great, thank you