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    Print spooler error message


      After downloading Adobe Reader 9, my Win XP PC does not recognize any of my printers. I get a print spool error

      message and can not print anything, (word docs, pics or anything). I can not even open the "printer & faxes" box to add a new printer. Device manager shows everything is working properly. If I try to reinstall my printer drivers thru device manager, the printer installation disc freezes up and I have to shut it down thru task manager. I can not even open any PDF files. I have already done a total recovery of my system and realized the problem was Reader 9, because all was well, until I was prompted to download the latest version of reader. (Won't make that mistake again!!!) I tried uninstalling 9 and going back to 8, no help. Really hate to go thru all that reinstall again in order to print and am wondering if anyone else has any ideas for me.