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    Flash Pen Tool Help


      Excuse me if this is a stupid question but I'm just starting out in Flash (I'm using CS4 Design Premium if that makes a difference).  I'm doing the lessons in the "Classroom in a Book" and I'm stuck on 2 where I have to fill the shape I made with the pen tool.  Now I'm pretty familiar with Illustrator's pen tool, and haven't had any issues with it, but I just can't get the shape to fill in Flash.  I know I completed the shape back to the original point, I have a fill color selected, but nothing - it stays as though I have no fill selected.  As a bit of a side note, the fill box on the properties window is grayed out so that I can't mess with it, but if I change the fill on either the tools menu or color menu, they change just fine - it just doesn't reflect on the illustration.  Thanks for any help!